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The Water of Tyne

The Water of Tyne》是为声乐和钢琴整理的歌曲乐谱。此乐谱来自英格兰。此曲为传统音乐,成曲于1893。

作曲 传统(1893年)
地区 欧洲欧洲 > 英国英国 > 英格兰英格兰
风格 歌曲
乐器 声乐钢琴
调性 D大调
节拍 6/8
下载次数 19594
授权 公有领域 公有领域


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The Water of Tyne - 1
I cannot get to my love if I would dee,
The water of Tyne runs between him and me;
And here I must stand with the tear in my e’e,
Both sighing and sickly my sweetheart to see.

O where is the boatman? my bonny hinny!
O where is the boatman? bring him to me,
To ferry me over the Tyne to my honey,
And I will remember the boatman and thee."

O bring me a boatman, I’ll give any money,
And you for your trouble rewarded shall be,
To ferry me over the Tyne to my honey,
Or scull him across that rough river to me.

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