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The First Nowell

The First Nowell》是为钢琴整理的圣诞歌曲乐谱。此乐谱来自康瓦尔郡。作曲佚名但成曲于1700年前后。

作曲 无名氏(1700年前后)
作词 传统
改编 Ian Cantor
乐谱 Ian Cantor
地区 欧洲欧洲 > 英国英国 > 英格兰英格兰 > 康瓦尔郡康瓦尔郡
风格 圣诞歌曲
乐器 钢琴
调性 D大调
节拍 3/4
下载次数 13645
授权 Creative Commons BY-SA Creative Commons BY-SA


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The First Nowell - 1
1. O well, O well, the Angels did say

To shepherds there in the fields did lay;
Late in the night a-folding their sheep,
A winter's night, both cold and bleak.
O well, O well, O well, O well,
Born is the King of Israel.

2. And then there did appear a Star,

Whose glory then did shine so far:
Unto the earth it gave a great light,
And there it continued a day and a night.

3. And by the light of that same Star,

Three Wise Men came from country far;
To seek a King was their intent -
They follow'd the Star wherever it went.

4. The Star went before them unto the North West,

And seemed o'er the City of Bethlehem to rest,
And there did remain by night and by day,
Right over the place where Jesus Christ lay.

5. Then enter'd in these Wise Men three,

With reverence fall on their knee,
And offer'd up in His presence
The gifts of gold and frankincense.

6. 'Tween an ox manger and an ass,

Our Blest Messiah's place it was;
To save us all from bond and thrall,
He was a Redeemer for us all!

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