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Moscow Nights

Moscow Nights》是为声乐和钢琴整理的乐谱。此乐谱来自俄罗斯。瓦西里·索洛维约夫-谢多伊作曲。

作曲 瓦西里·索洛维约夫-谢多伊
作词 Mikhail Matusovsky
改编 Seonaidh Morton
乐谱 Seonaidh Morton
地区 欧洲欧洲 > 俄罗斯俄罗斯
乐器 声乐(4)钢琴
调性 D小调
节拍 2/4
速度 ♩=70
授权 著作权 著作权


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Moscow Nights - 1 Moscow Nights - 2
Translated lyrics by Seonaidh Morton:-

0: [Solo tenor sings Russian verse]

1: [Given in Russian in the score]
In the yard the silence is like the grave,
There's no whisper till dawns the light.
If you only knew how my spirit craves
For the still of the Moscow night.

2: Soft the river flows, yet it does not flow,
Glinting in the moon's silver light.
And a song is heard, but unheard below,
In the still of the Moscow night.

3: Why do you, my dear, seem to look away,
With you head bowed down out of sight?
It's so hard to say, and yet not to say
How I long for the Moscow night.

4: [Add one degree of noise: p>mp, mp>mf, mf>f]
Now the sky grows lighter, a new day dawns,
So, my darling, let's do what's right.
Let us ne'er forget, on this summer morn,
All the still of the Moscow night. [slow down and hold last]

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