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Coventry Carol

Coventry Carol is a "Christmas carol" sheet music from England for the Vocals and piano. The composer of this score is unknown, but it is known that this music was written in c. 1591. The lyrics of this sheet music are traditional.

Composer Unknown (c. 1591)
Author Traditional
Origin EuropeEurope > United KingdomUnited Kingdom > EnglandEngland
Kind Christmas carol
Instruments 4 voices, piano
Key signature G minor
Rythm 3/4
Downloaded 19736
License Public Domain Public Domain


You can download this free sheet music for the Vocals and piano below:

Format Download Weight
ogg Coventry_Carol.ogg  2.79 MiB
txt Coventry_Carol.txt  557 bytes
png Coventry_Carol.png  69.95 KiB
midi Coventry_Carol.mid  4.02 KiB



Coventry Carol

    Lully, lullay, Thou little tiny Child,
    Bye, bye, lully, lullay.
    Lullay, thou little tiny Child,
    Bye, bye, lully, lullay.

    O sisters too, how may we do,
    For to preserve this day
    This poor youngling for whom we do sing
    Bye, bye, lully, lullay.

    Herod, the king, in his raging,
    Charged he hath this day
    His men of might, in his own sight,
    All young children to slay.

    That woe is me, poor Child for Thee!
    And ever mourn and sigh,
    For thy parting neither say nor sing,
    Bye, bye, lully, lullay. 

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