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National Flag Anthem (國旗歌)

National Flag Anthem (國旗歌) is a "national anthem" sheet music from Taiwan for the violin and Vocals. This music was composed by Huang Tzu (黃自) in 1937. The lyrics of this sheet music were written by Tai Chi-tao (戴季陶).

Composer Huang Tzu (黃自) (1937)
Author Tai Chi-tao (戴季陶)
Origin AsiaAsia > TaiwanTaiwan
Kind National anthem
Instruments Violin, Vocals
Key signature C major
Rythm 4/4
Downloaded 25728
License Public Domain Public Domain


You can download this free sheet music for the violin and Vocals below:

Format Download Weight
txt National_Flag_Anthem_(國旗歌).txt  1.69 KiB
png National_Flag_Anthem_(國旗歌).png  116.71 KiB
midi National_Flag_Anthem_(國旗歌).mid  4.78 KiB


National Flag Anthem (國旗歌)


Traditional Chinese


Simplified Chinese


Hanyu Pinyin

Shānchuān zhuànglì, wùchǎn fēng lóng; yánhuáng shì zhòu, dōngyà chēngxióng.
Wú zìbàozìqì, wú gùbùzìfēng, guāng wǒ mínzú, cùjìn dàtóng.
Chuàngyè wéi jiān, miǎnhuái zhū xiānliè; shǒuchéng bùyì, mò tú wù jìn gōng.
Tóngxīn tóng dé, guànchè shǐzhōng, qīngtiānbáirì mǎn dì hóng.
Tóngxīn tóng dé, guànchè shǐzhōng, qīngtiānbáirì mǎn dì hóng!


Magnificent mountains and rivers, (with) bountiful and diverse goods;
Descendants of Yan and Huang, to be the heroes of East Asia.
Never abandon in desperation, nor being complacent with achievement,
Glorify our nation and work promoting Great Unity.
Pioneering work was full of hardships and (we should) commemorate those founders and martyrs,
Maintaining (their heritage) is not easy and never seek only for instant benefit.
With one heart and one soul, carrying (these virtues) from beginning to end,
Blue Sky, White Sun, and a Wholly Red Earth!


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