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Eanach Dhúin

Eanach Dhúin is a "lament" sheet music from Ireland for the low whistle. This music was composed by Antoine Ó Raifteiri in c. 1828. The lyrics of this sheet music were written by Antoine Ó Raifteiri. This sheet music has been arranged by Antoine Ó Raifteiri and David@Roazhon.

Composer Antoine Ó Raifteiri (c. 1828)
Author Antoine Ó Raifteiri
Arranger Antoine Ó Raifteiri and David@Roazhon
Typeset David@Roazhon
Origin EuropeEurope > IrelandIreland
Kind Lament
Instruments Low whistle
Key signature E minor
Rythm 3/4
Downloaded 19027
License Creative Commons BY-SA Creative Commons BY-SA


You can download this free sheet music for the low whistle below:

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Eanach Dhúin - 1

Eanach Dhúin

	Eanach Dhúin

Má fhaighimse sláinte is fada bheidh trácht

    Ar an méid a bádh as Eanach Dhúin.
    'S mo thrua 'márach gach athair 's máthair
    Bean is páiste 'tá á sileadh súl!
    A Rí na nGrást a cheap neamh is párthas,
    Nar bheag an tábhacht dúinn beirt no triúr,
    Ach lá chomh breá leis gan gaoth ná báisteach
    Lán a bháid acu scuab ar shiúl.

Nár mhór an t-íonadh ós comhair na ndaoine

    Á bhfeicáil sínte ar chúl a gcinn,
    Screadadh 'gus caoineadh a scanródh daoine,
    Gruaig á cíoradh 's an chreach á roinnt.
    Bhí buachaillí óg ann tíocht an fhómhair,
    Á síneadh chrochar, is a dtabhairt go cill.
    'S gurb é gléas a bpósta a bhí dá dtoramh
    'S a Rí na Glóire nár mhór an feall. 

	Traduction anglaise

If my health is spared I'll be long relating

    Of that boat that sailed out of Anach Cuain.
    And the keening after of mother and father
    And child by the harbour, the mournful croon!
    King of Graces, who died to save us,
    T'were a small affair but for one or two,
    But a boat-load bravely in calm day sailing
    Without storm or rain to be swept to doom.

What wild despair was on all the faces

    To see them there in the light of day,
    In every place there was lamentation,
    And tearing of hair as the wreck was shared.
    And boys there lying when crops were ripening,
    From the strength of life they were borne to clay
    In their wedding clothes for their wake they robed them
    O King of Glory, man's hope is in vain. 

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