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Cam Ye O’er Frae France

Cam Ye O’er Frae France is a "song" sheet music from Scotland for the low whistle and Vocals. This music is traditional, written in c. 1710. The lyrics of this sheet music are traditional.

Composer Traditional (c. 1710)
Author Traditional
Typeset David@Roazhon
Origin EuropeEurope > United KingdomUnited Kingdom > ScotlandScotland
Kind Song
Instruments Low whistle, Vocals
Key signature E minor
Rythm 3/4
Tempo ♩=120
Downloaded 15645
License Creative Commons BY-SA Creative Commons BY-SA


You can download this free sheet music for the low whistle and Vocals below:

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MP3 Cam_Ye_O’er_Frae_France.mp3  716.23 KiB
ogg Cam_Ye_O’er_Frae_France.ogg  598.52 KiB
txt Cam_Ye_O’er_Frae_France.txt  975 bytes
jpg Cam_Ye_O’er_Frae_France.jpg  119.24 KiB




Cam Ye O’er Frae France - 1

Cam Ye O’er Frae France

Cam ye o’er frae France? Cam ye down by Lunnon?
Saw ye Geordie Whelps and his bonny woman?
Were ye at the place ca’d the Kittle Housie?
Saw ye Geordie’s grace riding on a goosie?

Geordie, he’s a man there is little doubt o’t;
He’s done a’ he can, wha can do without it?
Down there came a blade linkin’ like my lordie;
He wad drive a trade at the loom o’ Geordie.

Though the claith were bad, blythly may we niffer;
Gin we get a wab, it makes little differ.
We hae tint our plaid, bannet, belt and swordie,
Ha’s and mailins braid—but we hae a Geordie!

Jocky’s gane to France and Montgomery’s lady;
There they’ll learn to dance: Madam, are ye ready?
They’ll be back belyve belted, brisk and lordly;
Brawly may they thrive to dance a jig wi’ Geordie!

Hey for Sandy Don! Hey for Cockolorum!
Hey for Bobbing John and his Highland Quorum!
Mony a sword and lance swings at Highland hurdie;
How they’ll skip and dance o’er the bum o’ Geordie!

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