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Lef mes a’n Mor

Lef mes a’n Mor is a "song" sheet music from Cornwall for the guitar and Vocals. This music was composed by Anthony Snell. The lyrics of this sheet music were written by Anthony Snell. This sheet music has been arranged by Seonaidh Morton.

Composer Anthony Snell
Author Anthony Snell
Arranger Seonaidh Morton
Typeset Seonaidh Morton
Origin EuropeEurope > United KingdomUnited Kingdom > EnglandEngland > CornwallCornwall
Kind Song
Instruments Guitar, 2 voices
Key signature A minor, E minor
Rythm 4/4
Tempo ♩=90
License Copyright Copyright


You can download this free sheet music for the guitar and Vocals below:

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pdf Lef_mes_a’n_Mor.pdf  67.48 KiB
midi Lef_mes_a’n_Mor.mid  9.09 KiB
txt Lef_mes_a’n_Mor.txt  1.87 KiB


Lef mes a’n Mor - 1 Lef mes a’n Mor - 2 Lef mes a’n Mor - 3 Lef mes a’n Mor - 4
Lev mes an Mor - Guth s a' Mhuir - Voice from the Sea

Pyskador yth edja	Yn tewlder ow moes
War drethow Por' Towan	War golow an nos.

Y klewas un spyrys	Ow krya yn yeyn:
"An eur yu devedhys,	Ha nynj yu an den"

An loer a wolowys	An karrygy hen,
"An eur yu devedhys,	Ha nynj yu an den"

Ha tergwyth yn awel	An lev a dhassen
"An eur yu devedhys,	Ha nynj yu an den"

Ynter an comol		Ha gwartha an vron
Tarosvan yn cugol	A sevy hep son

An gwynj a grehyllys	Y won truan du:
Y fyas war woles	Yn newlen dhislyw

Hag ena nynj edja	Saw golow an loer,
Hy dewyn ow kredna	War donnow an mor.
Bha iasgaire ann	A' cumail a dhol san dorchadas
Air traighean Puirt Towan Ri solas na h-oidhche

Chuala e spiorad	A' gairm gu searbh
"Thinig an uair	Ach chan eil an duine"

Shoillsicheadh a' gheallach na seann chreagan
"Thinig an uair	Ach chan eil an duine"

Agus tr turais sa ghaoth shid an guth
"Thinig an uair	Ach chan eil an duine"

Eadar na sgothan	Agus os cionn a' bhrghad
Is taibhse le culladh	A sheasadh gun fhuaim

Chrith a' ghaoth	A ghn truagh dubh
Theich a-nuas		Do che bhn

Agus an sin cha robh	Ach solas na geallaich ann
A gath a' critheanach	Air tonnan na mara.
There was a fisherman	walking in the dark
On Porth Towan beach	by the light of the night.

He heard a spirit	crying out bitterly:
"The hour is come,	but not the man".

The moon lit up		the ancient rocks.
"The hour is come,	but not the man".

And thrice on the breeze The voice echoed:
"The hour is come,	but not the man".

Between the clouds	and on top of the hill
A ghost in a hood	stood in silence.

The wind ruffled	its sad, black gown:
It fled downwards	into a colourless mist.

And then there was nothing save the light of the moon,
Its bean trembling	on the waves of the sea.

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